Freelance Strategists, Creatives, Designers, Film Makers (of all kinds), Producers and Project Managers

Our books are always open for great freelance talent!

If you are one of the below please dont hesitate to get in touch - we'd love to hear from you.

👉 Senior & mid-weight strategists
👉 Senior & mid-weight creatives (solos or teams)
👉 Designers (graphic and/or motion)
👉 Film makers (of all kinds)
👉 Producers / project managers


WeAreFearless is an award-winning integrated sports, esports and entertainment agency, committed to solving business challenges differently by harnessing the power of psychology and neuroscience.

We call it Boldness with Backup.

Everything we do is informed by science. So when we champion braver choices, it’s not just because we want to make fearless work. It’s because we want to make work that actually works.  


We are a mix of friendly people who are hard-working and very good at what we do. We care about each other and the work that we create.  

Swimming with sharks on weekends is not a requirement. Fearless has many faces and all of them are welcome. It’s a place where people do well, have fun and are able to be themselves.  

The Day to Day

Hybrid and flexible working is a yes. Generally we’re at desks or online 9-6pm with Tues, Weds & Thurs in the office but we’re happy to talk about what works best for you.  

Diversity & Inclusion

We know the more different we are from one another, the more we learn, create and solve problems. This can only get better with every new person that joins us.

How to apply

Fancy it?
Please send your CV, rates and short story of why you’re right for us and this role to