KITKAT: Breaks go gourmet with experiential pop up

Millennials "create their own break" with help from a Michelin-star Chef.

The KITKAT Chocolatory

Helping reinvigorate KitKat by giving UK chocolate fans the ultimate personalised break.


Recognising the increasingly undifferentiated nature of the biscuits market, Nestlé wanted to reinvigorate the KitKat brand, making it more relevant and appealing to UK Millennials. At the same time, they wanted to test consumer interest in a more premium offering and any associated brand price elasticity.


The experience economy was gaining significant relevance for this age segment at the time, which became a key consideration in the way we planned to drive re-appraisal of a biscuit brand.

the fearless solution

To change the way British Millennials perceive KitKat, we decided to create an engaging and memorable experience. We created the London KitKat Chocolatory, which was open to thousands of customers eight hours a day, seven days a week for a five-week period. Visitors could enjoy a premium version of the standard KitKat, personalised with the help of a Michelin-star Chef. They could also completely customise their treat from the name through to the flavour and packaging. We were responsible for managing and delivering the entire KitKat Chocolatory project, including content and creative, talent, digital and tech, staffing, PR and production. 


The Results


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