Volleyball World: Love Volleyball

Giving volleyball fans all over the world a place to call home.

helping fans fall in love with volleyball, time and time again.


As a young organisation, Volleyball World has been faced with balancing the need to build a brand (a longer term, effort-intensive play) whilst generating revenue (a shorter term, more tactical play).

We were tasked with laying the foundations for Volleyball World to act as a B2C brand with an exciting consumer-facing voice that introduces the Volleyball TV (VBTV) streaming service to fans in a clear and engaging way.

At the same time, we were tasked with showing how this new voice can help Volleyball World leverage its key revenue-drivers (eg VBTV) through a multi-market, multi-channel promotional campaign.


Regardless of whether our audience had just discovered volleyball or were die-hard followers, volleyball fans all over the world were looking for a home, a place where they could live, nurture and express their interest in volleyball. No such thing existed. But rather than simply communicating the suite of services in this ecosystem, we were intentional about communicating what VBTV would allow fans to feel.

'The home of Volleyball' was our strategic territory and ‘home’ is undeniably an emotion, not a place.

the fearless solution

Love Volleyball. A big, emotional brand idea which delves deeper and closer than ever, into all the things our audience, the players and the coaches, love about the sport of volleyball.

Flexible enough to allow for both longer term, brand-led activations as well as the short-term, promotional programmes.


The Results

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