KIA: Aces for Oceans

Kia and the Australian Open. Protecting the future of our Oceans one ace at a time.

With every Ace served during the Australian Open either on the court by the professionals or off the court by fans playing the Aces for Oceans augmented reality tennis game, ocean waste is recycled into new sustainable tennis equipment empowering a new generation of tennis stars.


Develop and deliver a global digital activation for Kia & the Australian Open, which brings to life the new brand proposition ‘Movement that Inspires’, promotes Kia’s sustainability credentials and highlights their support for the preservation and protection of our Oceans.


Our psychology tool HumanValues™ revealed that the Kia audience gravitate towards brands that can help them curate their identity and provide technology which supports their need for playfulness. Sustainability is a hygiene factor for this group. They see it as a principle of entry and support for the brands in their lives and believe sport has a responsibility to tackle climate change.

the fearless solution

With the help of the players at the AO and our Kia creator audience around the world, 'Aces for Oceans' was designed to raise awareness of the ocean plastic problem, bring to life Kia’s innovative sustainability story, and motivate people to act, engage with our digital campaign and help give our oceans a fighting chance.

Aces for Oceans was launched with an inspiring short film showcasing the Ocean Plastic problem and promoting the call to arms to get involved. At the heart of the campaign was an innovative AR tennis game and recycling programme which invited tennis fans, innovators and early adopters alike to show their support for and love for the oceans by serving as many aces, on the court or virtually within the AR game, as possible.

Influencers engaged around the globe played with and promoted the Aces for Oceans game and rallied support from like minded individuals with a genuine interest in Ocean preservation.

In the unique digital campaign, every ace served on the court in Melbourne by the professional players or online by influencers and fans within the Aces for Oceans AR game, enabled the removal of Ocean plastic and the production of new tennis equipment made from the collected ocean waste. This recycled plastic was donated to grassroots training programmes and the Rafa Foundation demonstrating how by focusing on initiatives which help remove plastic from the oceans we can create more sustainable future for our Oceans and the young rising stars of tennis.


The Results

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