UEFA Europa League: Gone Europa

A social-first campaign that brought football hungry fans Europa League content with a twist.

Celebrating the challenger spirit of the UEL and the epic in-game moments when the action is dialled up to 11 and the players go into overdrive.


We needed to drive engagement and conversation around the Europa League in the Big 5 (UCL dominated) markets… and we needed to do this with 16-25 year old football fans whose feeds were already inundated with quality football content.


We had something others didn’t. We had match footage so fresh you could smell the grass cuttings on it.

the fearless solution

#GoneEuropa. A reactive campaign that shined a light on the epic moments from the pitch, celebrating the challenger spirit that makes the UEL unique.

By creating the phrase ‘Gone Europa’ and using it to badge these incredible moments of skill, we wanted to make the Europa League synonymous with thrilling football moments. 

Using reactive, meme-inspired animations we were able to feed football fans fresh footage from Thursday night's games in a distinctively UEL way - An end-to-end football tournament with attitude.


The Results

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