Bridgestone: Chase Your Dream, No Matter What

European Olympic Sponsorship Campaign wins loads of medals.

Extraordinary athlete stories disrupt a low interest category, increasing brand love metric by 59%


No one cares about tyres, right? But they do care about the Olympics. We were challenged to bring to life the Bridgestone’s Olympic Partnership across Europe, getting people to care about a low interest category, increasing brand affinity and purchase intent.


We discovered that whilst audiences may not care about tyres, what these people care about is staying on track in their ambitious pursuit of success. A value they have in common with Bridgestone, whose products are rigorously tested to achieve flawless performance in the most extreme circumstances. 

the fearless solution

Our strategy was to use Bridgestone’s Olympic sponsorship to tell a compelling brand story that would make European motorists connect with the brand, think again about Bridgestone, and actively choose quality over cheaper alternatives. We developed the award-winning ‘Chase Your Dream, No Matter What’ creative platform, which came to life through a pan-European Olympic brand campaign, celebrating the Olympic spirit of perseverance and inspiring people to overcome adversity to realise their dreams.

We led the delivery of a pan-European integrated campaign across advertising, social, live events, PR, B2B and B2E. The campaign evolved from 2016 through to its climax at Tokyo 2020 (Calendar year 2021).

It has been an amazing moment to feel the emotion, see the surprise and hear so many positive reactions. I am sincerely proud to be part of such a team as we are together changing the rules of the game of this industry.

Thierry Jupsin
Brands Marketing Director, Bridgestone Europe

The Results


increase in brand awareness


increase in purchase intent

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