Bridgestone: Prepared to Perform

A fresh creative idea that spoke to the truth of Bridgestone's brand and our Paris 2024 Olympians and Paralympians.

Highlighting how nothing is left to chance in the quest for elite performance, only rigorous preparation unlocks winning results in the moments that matter most.


Persuade Europe's motorists it's worth paying more for Bridgestone Tyres. Leverage their Olympic partnership to grow their brand equity and build consideration in a low-interest category.


Using our psychology tool HumanValues we discovered that whilst audiences may not care about tyres, they do care about reaching their very best in life. They want to feel in control, to progress and to succeed. A value they have in common with both Olympians and Bridgestone.

the fearless solution

Our campaign “Prepared to Perform” hijacked the cultural blind spot of “Luck” and the misappropriation of the term in the world of elite performance. We showed how Olympians mitigate risk with rigorous training and mental preparation. And when they succeed, it has nothing to do with luck. Just like Bridgestone’s products and innovative solutions, their meticulous preparation means they are certain and confident they will deliver in the moments that matter most.


The Results

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